Neurogenetics/Mitochondrial Disease
Patients from around the country come to the Comprehensive
Mitochondrial Clinic due to the reputation of Amy Goldstein, MD,
as an expert in these complex diseases and her involvement with
the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.
The North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium
(NAMDC) named Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
a participating clinical center. We are one of only 14 hospitals
to have this distinction.
One aspect of our multidisciplinary approach that is appealing to
families is that we involve a geneticist early on to examine family history
and DNA. Pediatric rehabilitation medicine specialists are involved in
our multidisciplinary Neurogenetics Clinic.
We offer state-of-the-art cardiac MRI and exercise treadmill testing.
Dr. Goldstein, Division of Child Neurology, received a K-12 grant from
the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
We collaborate with the University of Pittsburgh Center for
Environmental Toxins and Health, Hillman Cancer Center,
and adult colleagues.
Pittsburgh boasts a high level of expertise in autosomal-recessive
disease and is close geographically to the Amish population.
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Children’s has one of only eight neurodevelopmental disabilities
residency programs in the nation.
Movement Disorders
Here, child neurologists, pediatric neurosurgeons, and pediatric
physiatrists work together, and we structure the clinic so they can
see the same patients on the same day, easing the strain on families.
We are one of very few multidisciplinary movement disorders
clinics in the country.
We provide a one-stop, holistic approach, bringing together pediatric
neurologists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation specialists, orthopaedists,
OT, PT, and social work services.
We performed deep brain stimulation on one of the youngest patients
ever, a procedure that was documented in the Journal of Neurosurgery.
Children’s Hospital’s Epilepsy Center is a member of the National
Association of Epilepsy Centers and a level 4 comprehensive
epilepsy center.
Seven dedicated pediatric epileptologists contribute to all aspects
of the clinical care of infants, children, and adolescents with epilepsy,
in the inpatient and outpatient settings. Two pediatric neurosurgeons
perform epilepsy surgery.
Equipped with 3T MRI, MRS, PET, fMRI, and MEG scanning.
Inpatient EEG monitoring is available 24 hours a day.
An eight-bed Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is staffed 24 hours a day
by highly trained pediatric epilepsy nurses and EEG technicians,
many of whom trained in our EEG Tech training program.
Specialty clinics are offered in the areas of intractable epilepsy, vagal
nerve stimulation, tuberous sclerosis and the ketogenic diet. In addition,
we offer a variety of research trials of new anticonvulsant medications.
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