Rehabilitation Medicine
The division runs a multidisciplinary program for children
with brain injuries.
The division collaborates with UPMC Sports Medicine to provide
care for children with complex concussions.
The division runs outreach clinics in multiple communities and
at the School for the Blind in Pittsburgh.
Brad Dicianno, MD, runs a transition clinic for adolescents with
childhood-onset disabilities.
Dr. Dicianno and Amy Houtrow, MD, PhD, MPH, are internationally
recognized researchers in spina bifida and have multiple grants
between them. Dr. Dicianno is the site PI for the multicentered
CDC registry project. Dr. Houtrow is the program director for
the multicentered follow-up study of the Management of
Myelomeningocele study.
We employ a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and
collaboration with other services within the hospital.
Ophthalmic genetic counselors are available in clinic for patient
assessment and counseling.
We are using sophisticated non-invasive imaging of the optic
nerve and retina with optical coherence tomography (OCT).
Electrophysiologists are on-site for ERG testing of the retina
and VEP testing of visual pathway disorders.
Child Advocacy Center
Our physician-researchers are using serum biomarkers to provide
information about the pathophysiology of brain injury in children,
specifically to compare the biochemical response of the brain to
different types of injury. This may provide information about what types
of treatment might work in different types of brain injury.
We are evaluating whether these blood biomarkers may be able
to predict outcome after brain injury.
We are developing a panel of blood biomarkers that could be used
to identify which infants who present with nonspecific symptoms
(fussiness, apparent life-threatening event, seizure-like activity)
should undergo a head CT to evaluate for brain injury.
By studying the epidemiology of abusive head trauma (AHT),
we are able to evaluate, among other things, the relationship
between the rate of AHT and the economy.
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