Research driven. Results oriented.
Whether developing breakthrough vaccines to treat complex brain tumors
or discovering new medications for epilepsy patients, we are continually
pushing the boundaries of medical research. As one of the fastest growing
National Institutes of Health-funded pediatric research programs in
the country, we explore cutting-edge medical treatments and conduct
innovative clinical trials. Our research has improved treatments and
therapies, expanded the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, and
shed new light on neuromuscular disease, inflammatory brain and spinal
cord disease, nerve tissues, childhood cancers, head injuries, and more.
Ian F. Pollack, MD, chief, Pediatric Neurosurgery, received the
prestigious Mahaley Clinical Research Award from the National
Brain Tumor Society for a first-of-its-kind study of a peptide
vaccine that showed evidence of immunological response in
children with gliomas. This reflects a collaborative effort of
Neurosurgery, Neuro-Oncology (Dr. Regina Jakacki), and the
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (Drs. Hideho Okada
and Lisa Butterfield).
The Pediatric Neurosurgery Division is at the forefront of
cutting-edge research in brain tumors, hydrocephalus,
and other neurosurgical disorders of childhood.
Children’s PICU and NICU participated in an international clinical
trial that studied the effects of hypothermia therapy in the
treatment of children with traumatic brain injuries.
Our Division of Child Neurology receives in excess of $1 million
in federal, corporate, and foundation research funding each year,
enabling us to continue our leading studies in a wide array
of areas – from identifying seizure medications to use
for particular epilepsies to what affects the recovery of a child
Our Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine received in excess
of $10 million in federal research funding this year to support
cutting-edge research with the goal of transforming care of the
brain-injured child.
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