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News Releases

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Pending State Budget Cuts Will Jeopardize Services to Patients at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

The faces of Medicaid cuts are all of Pennsylvania's children

Medicaid is facing enormous cuts in the state budget, and right now legislators are deciding how to vote. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is urging the public to help restore Medicaid cuts for all of Pennsylvania's children by contacting their legislators. These cuts will affect everything we do and every child we serve.

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and its young patients stand to lose $8.3 million in state funding alone. Cutting billions in State and Federal funds will hurt all children.

Children's needs parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles - everyone to urge their State Legislators to restore Medicaid funding for the future of all children.

Through Children's Web site, it takes just a minute to send a pre-written letter to their respective State Legislators. The letters can be edited and personalized.

Go to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's Web site at and click on the Advocacy section of the site for more information.

Our children depend on you to take action.

Melanie Finnigan or Marc Lukasiak at 412-692-5016 or 412-692-5502

Last Update
February 19, 2008
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Last Update
February 19, 2008