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Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Urges Adults To Use Caution When Cutting the Lawn Around Children

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh warns parents that children are in danger of suffering lifelong, disfiguring injuries if not kept at a safe distance from lawn mowers this summer.

Children injured by lawnmowers is a continually growing problem with 12 patients admitted to Children's with serious injuries in 2003. Typical mower-related injuries often include eye injuries, severe cuts and ife-threatening, disfiguring amputations. It is a trend that doctors at Children's want to see on the decline.

"Kids should be kept inside or at a safe distance with adult supervision because young children are unpredictable and may run into the path of a moving mower," said Barbara Gaines, MD, director of the Benedum Trauma Program at Children's. "Many times lawnmowers appear to be toys and kids think they are safe to play with but children should never be on or around an operating lawn mower."

Lawnmower Safety Tips:

  • Children should not be allowed on or near the lawn when the mower is in use.
  • Children under 5 years of age should be kept indoors during mowing because they can behave unpredictably and might run into mower's path and become injured.
  • Riding mowers were not meant for passengers; carrying children or other adults invites the potential for falling under the mower and sustaining serious injuries.
  • Not all lawn mowers operate the same way so read the owner's manual and familiarize yourself with your model before operating your lawn mower.
  • Inspect the area to be mowed for stones, tree branches, nails and wires - these objects can be picked up by the mower and expelled at bullet-like speeds, causing serious injury.
  • Never drink alcoholic beverages and operate a lawn mower.
  • When mowing in reverse, remember to look behind you for potential danger or bystanders.

For more lawnmower and tractor safety tips, visit the Children's Injury Prevention Web site at Click on Injury Prevention, then "For Parents" and lastly, Home and Yard to access helpful lawnmower safety tips.

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June 17, 2008
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June 17, 2008