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Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Launches Online Diabetes Center To Help Patients and Families Effectively Manage Condition

Children's one of 28 hospitals in nation partnering with Cerner Corp. on new program

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is now offering its more than 2,500 patients with type 1 diabetes a way to monitor, record and transmit vital blood glucose readings from home to nurses and physicians at the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Patients with type 1 diabetes must take as many as 10 glucose readings a day and share those readings with their nurses and endocrinologists at Children's to make sure blood glucose levels stay in a safe range. Until now, families had to call or fax the readings to Children's so an endocrinologist could determine if the level of insulin a diabetic child was receiving should be increased or decreased. The health care provider then had to call the family back to discuss the levels and adjust medications.

Children's new online diabetes management system, called Diabetes Connection, allows families to submit glucose, insulin and carbohydrate levels over a secure Web site any time of the day or night. The readings are taken directly from a diabetes monitor, which interfaces directly with the home computer. The readings are transmitted to Children's and reviewed by nurses and endocrinologists to watch for changes in levels. There is no fee to families for this service. Children's is one of 28 hospitals in the country partnering with Cerner Corp. to offer this online diabetes management tool.

"Diabetes Connection is convenient and efficient and will save our families time in submitting glucose levels. It keeps them connected with their health care providers between appointments," said Marilyn Clougherty, RN, MSN, CDE, diabetes program coordinator at Children's. "The program also makes sense because it frees our nurses and physicians up from the phone and gives them more time to spend with patients in the diabetes clinic."

Diabetes Connection includes a personal health record (PHR), a secure connection between health care providers and patients and an online diabetes condition center.

  • A PHR enables individuals to record medical information, such as allergies, immunizations, measurements, conditions, tests, medications, surgeries and procedures. PHRs help with communication between the care provider and the individual - they also help those with the condition better control and manage their disease.
  • Secure messaging means patients can communicate privately with health care providers.
  • The diabetes condition center provides a toolkit with a diary to log glucose values and carbohydrate and insulin intake. A glucose meter can be interfaced directly with the computer.

Children's has one of the largest pediatric diabetes programs in the world. Children's physicians are continually conducting research to understand better the causes of childhood diabetes in the hope of preventing the disorder and its complications and, ultimately, finding a cure. As a result, Children's often is one of the first institutions to implement new treatments and incorporate new research developments into its clinical practice. For more information about Diabetes Connection or Children's Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism Consultation, please visit

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February 18, 2008
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February 18, 2008