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Young Hunters Can Avoid Serious Injuries with Tips from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Every year in Pennsylvania, more than a dozen young people are seriously injured or even killed in hunting-related accidents. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh encourages parents and young hunters to follow strict safety guidelines to keep safe when hunting this season.

On Dec. 1, which is the beginning of rifle deer season, more than 1 million hunters will take to the woods throughout the state. To prevent serious or even deadly injuries, all hunters, but especially children need to take extreme precautions at all times.

Last year in Pennsylvania: one child under the age of 12 was injured in a hunting-related accident; one child between the ages 12-15 was killed and four were injured; and 12 young people age 16-20 were injured in hunting-related accidents, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Also, hunting-related injuries are most likely to occur on clear days in woodland areas. The most common injuries are shootings that occur when a victim is mistaken for an animal or when the victim is caught in the line of fire.

“Young hunters should attend approved hunters’ safety courses and should always be accompanied by an experienced adult,” said Barbara Gaines, MD, co-director of the Benedum Trauma Program at Children’s. “We have seen horrible and life-altering injuries caused by accidents that occurred while children were hunting. These injuries can be avoided if children and adults are knowledgeable of the safety measures that should be taken when heading into the woods.”

Safety Tips

  • Wear florescent orange clothing from head to toe. In Pennsylvania, hunters are required to wear 250 square inches of florescent orange clothing on the chest, head and back.
  • Check for ticks frequently and check your entire body once a day.
  • Never assume you are alone in the woods.
  • Never hunt alone.

More hunting safety tips are available on Children’s Web site at Click on Injury Prevention and then click on “Holiday and Seasonal” to find more information.

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February 19, 2008
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February 19, 2008