2009 Research In the News

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View news clips below featuring Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC’s John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center.

Pitt biomedical researchers reap billions in federal Recovery Act grants
Pittsburgh Business Times, (10/9/09)

New treatment for sickle cell anemia
WABC-TV New York, (10/7/09)

Autism may be more common than thought
U.S. News & World Report, (10/6/09)

Pittsburgh evolves into international leader in health-care research
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (9/21/09)

Children's researchers find molecular links between insulin resistance and inflammation
Medical News Today, (8/27/09)

Newsmaker: John F. Alcorn
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (8/7/09)

Rare athlete deaths spur sickle cell trait testing
USA Today, (8/5/09)

Babies cared for in another home become heavier toddlers
USA Today, (8/5/09)

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC biologist receives prestigious fellowship award
Medical News Today, (8/5/09)

Rare athlete deaths spur sickle cell trait testing
MSNBC (Associated Press), (8/4/09)

Researcher: Costs show obesity has become U.S. crisis
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (8/3/09)

Joint project removes thymus enzyme from mice with promising results
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (7/13/09)

Enzyme important in aging identified by scientists at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Medical News Today, (7/13/09)

Experiment seeks to head off type 1 diabetes
USA Today (Associated Press), (7/7/09)

UPMC develops cooling technique to save newborn brains
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (6/12/09)

Induced hypothermia for newborns with brain injury
WDUQ radio, (6/12/09)

Children's selected as center for Sarah Jane Brain Project
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (6/4/09)

Test at Children's Hospital could detect pediatric brain injuries Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (6/4/09)

A vision for Children's: Become one of the nation's top pediatric research centers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

Visual problems often accompany hearing loss in childhood
MedPage Today, (2/17/09)

Unhealthy suspicion: A study reveals harsh attitudes toward medicine
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (2/6/09)

Projects plant hope for littlest hearts
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
, (02/04/09)

Blacks mistrust health research
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,

Parental distrust may explain lack of black children in clinical trials
U.S.News & World Report, (02/03/09)

Children's Hospital study finds blacks distrust research
Pittsburgh Trib-Review, (02/03/09)

Pediatric heart pump was his lifeline
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (02/01/09)

Women survive starvation better
United Press International, (1/27/09)

Pitt: Female brains survive starvation better than males
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (1/26/09)

During starvation neurons show sex-dependent changes
Medical News Today, (1/20/09)

Hematopoietic growth factor no help for underweight preemies
MedPage Today, (1/16/09)

Study: Pneumococcal meningitis making comeback
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (1/15/09)

Bariatric surgery for teens goes beyond weight loss
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (1/07/09)

High local incidence of serious asthma target of study
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (1/05/09)

Renowned researcher to study children's asthma here
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (1/02/09)

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