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To receive brochures on preventing violence in schools or to take a class on helping your child address bullying, contact Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Community Education Department at 412-692-7105.



Visit your library or local book store. There are many quality books for parents, children and teens about bullies, conflict resolution, friends and relationship skills. The following are a few of our favorites.

For Parents
And Words Can Hurt Forever, by J. Garbarino & E. deLara, The Free Press, NY, 2002.

The Angry Child, by T. Murphy & L. Hoff Oberlin, Clarkson,Potter/Publishers, NY, 2001.

Facing the Schoolyard Bully: How to Raise an Assertive Child in an Aggressive World, by K. Zarzour, Firefly Books, NY, 2000.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, by A. Faber & E. Mazlish, New York, NY: Avon Books, 1980.

Kidstress, by G. Witkin, PhD, Viking, NY, 1999.

Raising a Thinking Preteen, Myrna Shure, PhD, Henry Holt Publishing, NY, 2000.

“What to do... When kids are mean to your child,” Reader’s Digest Parenting Guide by E. McCoy, Pen & Pencil Books, 1997.

For Children
Being Bullied, by K. Petty & C. Firmin, Aladdin Books, NY, 1991.

Bullies are a pain in the brain, by T. Romain, Minneapolis, MN, Free Spirit Publishing, 1997.

Cliques, Phonies, & Other Baloney, by T. Romain, Minneapolis, MN, Free Spirit Publishing, 1998.

How to Handle Bullies, teasers and other meanies, by K. Cohen-Posey, Highland City, FL, Rainbow Books Inc., 1995.

Stop Picking on Me: A First Look at Bullying, by P. Thomas, Barron’s Educational Series Inc., 2000.


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