Injury Prevention


Basketball is a fun sport that many kids like to play. But it’s not fun getting hurt. Here are a few tips that can help you have fun and keep you from getting hurt.

Talk to Your Parents and Coaches

  • Learn and play by the rules of the game. You will have more fun and play better.
  • Don’t play if you feel sick. Tell a parent, teacher or coach if you’re not feeling well.
  • Ask an adult what you can do to get in shape to play. Being in good shape will help keep you from getting hurt.
  • Always warm up before playing.

Wear the Right Gear

  • Wear knee guards.
  • Mouth guards are very important, especially if you have braces on your teeth.
  • If you wear glasses, make sure you get special gear to protect them.
  • If you are a boy, wear an athletic supporter.

Play it Safe

  • Drink plenty of water, especially on warm days.
  • Take lots of breaks.
  • Never play if you are in pain. If something hurts, stop and tell an adult.
Last Update
March 7, 2008
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Last Update
March 7, 2008