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Caitlin Koerber

Caitlin Koerber, MD

Personal Information


New Orleans, La.

College/Medical School

Swarthmore College/Yale School of Medicine


Sailing, hiking, pie baking, road trips, homemade watercolor birthday signs, theater


I speak Spanish and traveled to Buenos Aires for 6 weeks to try that whole immersion thing. I’ve also visited Germany, Poland, Ireland, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. I’m a dual citizen with Canada and the South so I have some fluency in those as well.



English major, vegetarian, dinosaur temporary tattoos enthusiast and the most likely to start dancing when no one else is yet. If Katie Polak is around, I won’t be dancing alone for long.

Like About Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

The people!!! I feel so lucky to be at a program where personalities mesh so well, and the other residents make my life fun despite the long hours! We have picnics, kickball games, river rafting/tubing trips, karaoke and bowling nights, and try out new eateries every week.

Last Update
August 7, 2013
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Last Update
August 7, 2013