Injury Prevention

Car Safety

Using the appropriate car seat (see safety chart) isn’t enough. Make sure you remember the following when a child is in your car:

  • To prevent a newborn's head from moving while a car is in motion, place a rolled-up receiving blanket around his head and shoulders.
  • To prevent sliding, do not place a loose pad under a baby while he is in a car seat.
  • To protect a baby from a hot car seat in the summer, place a light-colored blanket or towel over the car seat before placing a baby into it. Be careful not to accidentally brush a baby’s skin with a hot car seat buckle or clip.
  • In the winter, first buckle the child in a car seat and then place a blanket over the child until the car is heated.
  • Never leave a child alone in a car for any reason. The fumes from a running engine can cause serious damage or death. In extremely cold weather, a child can suffer frostbite if left in a car. In warm weather, a child can suffer heat stroke and dehydration.
Last Update
May 23, 2008
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Last Update
May 23, 2008