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Cardiac Anesthesiology

When anesthesiology and pain management are necessary, the Heart Center turns to highly skilled pediatric anesthesiologists with extensive experience in managing young heart patients in the operating room.

More experience means less risk

Our cardiac anesthesiologists are an integral part of every Heart Center surgical team, taking a proactive role in monitoring the patient throughout surgery in order to prevent complications from occurring.  Most have twenty or more years of experience, including with high-risk patients. That means few situations are likely to arise that they have not previously dealt with effectively.

New ways to manage pain

Cardiac anesthesiologists also are experienced in advanced practices such as regional anesthesia techniques that enable them to manage pain with lower doses of narcotics. This helps patients wake sooner, breathe on their own more quickly and makes them more comfortable and cooperative earlier in their recoveries.

Last Update
January 24, 2013
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Last Update
January 24, 2013