Effects of Exercise on Fat Metabolism

Fat Metabolism after a Meal in Overweight Black and White Adolescents: Effect of a Single Bout of Exercise

Protocol Description

This study will measure the difference in the amount of fat in the blood of overweight children after they eat a fatty meal, while concurrently studying the presence of high blood pressure. Additionally, it will compare differences in those risk factors between black and white children. Adolescent blood fat levels and blood pressure responses will also be measured through the introduction of a single bout of exercise. It is known that fat circulates longer in the body of overweight people after eating, allowing the build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries and potential undetected blood pressure increase. Better understanding of factors affecting blood pressure in youth will help researchers predict risks related to heart disease.

Eligibility Criteria

The study is currently accepting boys and girls, ages 12 to 18 years, who satisfy study criteria, and are overweight.
Boys: 12 to 18 years
Girls: 12 to 18 years

In addition to the screening process, participants will be required to come to the hospital for a complete day of testing and an overnight stay at the Pediatric Clinical and Translational Research Center on two separate occasions, scheduled a month apart.
Visits: 2
Duration: 1 month

Status: Open for Enrollment

Source of Support
Thrasher Research Fund New Investigator Award
National Institutes of Health K24 Award

Primary Investigator(s)

SoJung Lee, PhD

Contact Information

To get started, please contact:
SoJung Lee, PhD

Last Update
April 21, 2014
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Last Update
April 21, 2014