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Females with Fragile X Syndrome: An Overview

This article summarizes some of what is known about females who carry the Fragile X gene (or the FMR-1 gene), including information on:

  • Behavior
  • Mental ability
  • Genetics
  • Protein produced by the Fragile X gene

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Females Affected by the Fragile X Syndrome

The affectedness of females with Fragile X Syndrome varies from case to case. To date, there is no clear-cut method of predicting the level of affectedness based on fragility or historical pedigree or number of CGG repeats. However, there does appear to be a cognitive profile, which characterizes the affected female.

This article discusses:

  • Studies of females with Fragile X Syndrome
  • Strategies for addressing math deficits, auditory memory and visual disorganization

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Last Update
July 14, 2013
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Last Update
July 14, 2013