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Arjumand Ghazi, PhD

Arjumand Ghazi, PhD
Job Title Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Job Title Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology
4401 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
412-692-9433 Phone
412-692-8036 Fax

Education and Training

Graduate School:

2001 PhD, National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR), Bangalore, India


2007 Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California (UCSF), San Francisco, CA


  • Genetics Society of America
  • Society for Developmental Biology


  • 2006-09 Larry L. Hillblom Foundation for Aging Postdoctoral Research Grant
  • 2004 Indian National Science Academy Young Scientist Award
  • 2003-05 American Federation for Aging Research Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • 2002-04 Scientific Advisory Board Assistant, Science of Aging Knowledge Environment 
  • 1999 WoodWhelan Research Fellowship, International Union of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists
  • 1999 Journal of Cell Science Fellowship, Company of Biologists
  • 1998 Surdna Foundation Scholarship, Marine Biological Laboratory
  • 1995 31st Rank All India Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology (ITT)
  • 1994 Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, India, Summer Research Fellowship
  • 1993 Department of Biotechnology, India, Scholarship
  • 1993 Valedictorian, St. Ann's College, Osmania University, Hyderbad, India


  • Ghazi, A, Korenblit, S, & Kenyon, C.  TCER-1, a transcription elongation factor that extends lifespan in response to signals from the reproductive system. PLoS Genetics, 5(9), e1000639. 2009.
    Recommended by Faculty of 1000: http://www.f1000biology.com/article/id/1163908/evaluation.
  • Ghazi, A*, Korenblit, S*, & Kenyon, C. Regulation of Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan by a proteasomal E3 ligase complex. Proc. National Academy of Science USA, 104(14): 5947-5952. 2007. *equal contribution.
    Focus of Dispatch Article: C. elegans Aging. Proteolysis cuts both ways. Bruce Bowerman Current Biology 17(13): R514-16. 2007.
  • Ghazi, A, Paul, L, & Vijayraghavan, K. Pre-pattern genes and signaling molecules regulate stripe expression to specifiy Drosophila flight muscle attachment sites. Mech. of Development, 120, 519-552. 2003.
  • Ghazi, A, & Vijayraghavan, K. Control of gene-expression by combinatorial computing on DNA. Nature, 408, 419-420. 2000.
  • Ghazi, A, Anant, S, & Vijayraghavan, K. Apterous mediates development of direct flight muscles autonomously and indirect flight muscles through epidermal cues. Development, 127(24), 5309-5318. 2000.

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