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Heidi Griffiths

Heidi Griffiths, MD

Personal Information


Buffalo, NY

College/Medical School

University at Buffalo (both)


Soccer, running, biking, kayaking, climbing, hiking, not being indoors. I also like watching hockey. (Go Sabres!)



Taking a day trip to Canada is part of growing up in Buffalo.

I speak passable Spanish and terrible German, and I can count to 10 in Korean.


I really want to learn how to kiteboard.

Like About Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Millions of things. Most importantly, everyone is really friendly and supportive. This program has all the little things that make life easier.

"Can't argue with the little things; it's the little things that make up life." Hank Scorpio (The Simpsons S08E02 You Only Move Twice)

Last Update
August 21, 2012
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Last Update
August 21, 2012