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Jacqueline Ho, MD

Jacqueline Ho, MD
Job Title Division of Pediatric Nephrology, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Job Title Instructor, Nephrology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
412-692-5182 Phone
412-692-7443 Fax

Education and Training

Medical School:

2001 University of Western Ontario, Canada


2005 Pediatrics, British Columbia Children’s Hospital, University of British Columbia (UBC)


2010 Nephrology, Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School
2007 Research Fellow, Nephrology, Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School


  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Canadian Society of Nephrology
  • American Society of Nephrology
  • American Society of Pediatric Nephrology
  • Canadian Association of Pediatric Nephrology

Board Certifications

  • Royal College of Physicians of Canada (Pediatrics), Fellow
  • American Board of Pediatrics, Diplomate
  • USMLE Steps 1-3


  • 2008 Top Trainee Presentation Award, Canadian Society for Nephrology
  • 2007 Abstract selected for free communication plenary: “This Year’s Outstanding Abstracts”, American Society for Nephrology
  • 2005 Wyeth Excellence in Laboratory Research UBC Resident Research Award, University of British Columbia
  • 2005 National Pediatric Resident Research Competition (Canada), Manitoba Institute of Child Health
  • 2004 Rising Researcher Support Program Award, Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist (CCHCSP) Program
  • 2001 Dr. F.R. Eccles Scholarship (Pediatrics), University of Western Ontario
  • 1999 American Pediatric Society/Society for Pediatric Research (APS/SPR) Summer Studentship, APS/SPR
  • 1995- 97 NSERC Postgraduate A Scholarship
  • 1995 Gold Medalist, Honors Genetics, University of Western Ontario
  • 1995 Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales' Canada Scholarship in the Biological Sciences, Government of Canada
  • 1993-94 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of NSERC Canada (NSERC) Summer Studentship
  • 1991-95 Continuing Admission Scholarship, University of Western Ontario
  • 1991-95 Canada Scholarship for Science and Engineering, Government of Canada


  • Hartwig S, Ho J, Pandey P, MacIsaac K, Taglienti M, Xiang M, Alterovitz G, Ramoni M, Fraenkl E and Kreidberg JA.  Genomic characterization of Wilms' tumor suppressor 1 targets in nephron progenitor cells during kidney development.  Development 2010; 137:1189-1203.
  • Ho J, Ng KH, Rosen S, Dostal A, Gregory RI and Kreidberg JA. Podocyte-specific loss of functional miRNAs leads to rapid glomerular and tubular damage. J Am Soc Neph 2008; 19(11): 2069-2075.
  • Bridgewater DJ, Ho J, Sauro V, Matsell DG. Insulin-like growth factors inhibit podocyte apoptosis through the PI3 kinase pathway. Kidney International 2005; 67(4): 1308-1314.
  • Ho J, Jevon G, Sanatani S.  Anomalous origin of the left coronary artery with diffuse coronary hypoplasia resulting in sudden death.  Canadian Journal of Cardiology 2005; 21(6): 529-531.
  • Argiropoulos B, Ho J, Blachuta BJ, Tayyab I, Percival-Smith A (2003). Low-level ectopic expression of Fushi tarazu in Drosophila melanogaster results in ftzUa1/Rpl-like phenotypes and rescues ftz phenotypes. Mechanisms of Development 2003; 120(12): 1443-1453.
  • Uyttendaele H, Ho J, Rossant J, Kitajewski J. Vascular patterning defects associated with expression of activated Notch4 in embryonic endothelium. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2001; 98(10): 5643-5648.
  • Shalaby F, Ho J, Stanford WL, Schwartz L, Fischer K-D, Bernstein A, Rossant J. A requirement for Flk1 in primitive and definitive hematopoiesis. Cell 1997; 89: 981- 990.
  • Guichet A, Copeland JWR, Erdelyi M, Hlousek D, Zavorsky P, Ho J, Brown S, Percival-Smith A, Krause HM, Ephrussi A. The nuclear receptor homolog, FTZ-F1, and the homeodomain protein, FTZ, are mutually dependent cofactors. Nature 1997; 385: 548-552.
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