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Read all about it. Check here to view articles about the new Children's Hospital building project completed in May 2009.

Planning and Managing a Hospital Move
Children's Hospital Today (NACHRI), (Winter 2011)

Lawrenceville eateries on life support
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (7/13/09)

Newsmaker: Heather Ambrose
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (7/10/09)

Children's Hospital playroom named after Lemieux's son
WPXI-TV, (7/10/09)

A new playroom for recovering children
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (7/10/09)

Paperless health care? A hospital's long journey
USA Today (Associated Press), (7/7/09)

St. Francis Health Center estate closes, seven years later
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (6/24/09)

For the good of the child
PittMed Magazine, (6/9/09)

Practice makes perfect in the move to the new Children's Hospital
PittMed Magazine, (6/9/09)

Howard Hanna Healing Garden dedication (click on photo 9 of 10)
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (6/3/09) 

Children's Hospital: New beginnings and look at the past
Through the eyes of a child
OnQ (video links), (5/20/09)

Changed the world
OnQ (video links), (5/20/09)

Big Ben gives hard hat tour at site of new Ronald McDonald House
WPXI (with video link), (5/6/09)

New Ronald McDonald House tour
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (5/6/09)

Children's Hospital's move across town smooth, but bittersweet
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (with video link), (5/2/09)

Children's Hospital patients check into $622M Lawrenceville facility
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (with photo slideshow), (5/2/09)

First person: The old Children's
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (5/2/09)

Children's Hospital move wraps up
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (5/2/09)

Children's Hospital transfer begins today
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (5/2/09)

Pittsburgh's new Children's Hospital, seen through the eyes of barber Tony Crisafio
Pittsburgh Business Times, (5/1/09)

The new Children's Hospital: A closer look
Pittsburgh Business Times, (5/1/09)

'The Unit,' Part Three: Oliver
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (video), (5/1/09)

Children's Hospital closing Oakland emergency room
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (5/1/09)

'The Unit,' Part One: 7 North
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (video), (4/29/09)

Diamond in the rust
Financial Times, (4/27/09)

The new Children's Hospital: A user's guide
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

The new Children's Hospital: Design elements combine to put patients, parents at ease
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

A decade of decisions shaped new Children's Hospital
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

A vision for Children's: Become one of the nation's top pediatric research centers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

Room with a view to healing
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

Hospital artwork designed to make kids smile
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

Designers go all out to cut noise levels, with vibrating phones, quiet flooring
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

Technology keeps children connected

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

Advanced technology from the ground up
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

Travel times: getting to the new Children's Hospital from around the 'Burgh
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

PG video: Design of the new Children's Hospital

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

PG video: Impressions of a healing environment
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

PG graphic: Campus layout
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

PG graphic: Creating a homelike environment
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

PG map: Getting there
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/26/09)

New and improved Children's Hospital opens in Lawrenceville
Beaver Co. Times, (4/20/09)

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC touts its technical edge
HealthcareIT News, (4/20/09)

Children's cuts ribbon
WDUQ, (4/20/09)

Children's Hospital grand-opening
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (video link), (4/17/09)

Specter attends ribbon-cutting of Children's Hospital
WPXI (with video link), (4/17/09)

Most wired hospitals
BusinessWeek, (4/15/09)

Sneak peek of the new Children's Hospital
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/7/09)

Children's Hospital preview party
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/7/09)

Lawrenceville Children's campus a bold new beginning
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (4/6/09)

Family-friendly design at Children's takes parents' cues
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (4/6/09)

New Children's is a pioneer in paperless
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (4/6/09)

Access 'assured for all kids' in region, Children's CEO promises
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (4/6/09)

Lawrenceville neighbors brace for opening impact

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (4/6/09)

Interactive Children's Hospital
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (4/6/09)

Sneak peek of new Children's Hospital
WPXI (with video link), (4/6/09)

Changes already taking shape near new Children's Hospital

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/6/09)

Children's Hospital holds dry run for big move
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (2/22/09)

Children's Hospital rehearses move
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (2/22/09)

Children's Hospital to rehearse choreographed move
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (2/16/09)

Neighbors fear new hospital traffic gridlock
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (2/8/09)

Ex-airline workers seek safe landing with deli
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (1/12/09)

No place for paper at new Children's Hospital

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (12/31/08)

The new Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
OnQ/WQED (video link), (12/22/08)

Children's challenge: Moving patients to new hospital
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (10/23/08)

New hospital a boost for Lawrenceville and Bloomfield
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (10/23/08)

Children's Hospital atrium, Lawrenceville (360-degree panorama)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (05/10/08)

Daily photo gallery - New Children's Hospital
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (click on photo no. 5), (05/10/08)

Children's new digs reflect mission

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (with audio slideshow), (10/28/07)

UPMC gives inside look at new hospital: Video inside
WPXI-TV (with video link), (10/27/07)

Building new Children’s Hospital changes community and how patients are cared for
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (8/12/07)

New construction projects are changing the face of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, (4/1/07)

Children’s left beaming
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, (6/29/06)

Environmental sensitivity in children’s healthcare
Environmental Design + Construction, (4/1/06)

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