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Infectious Diseases Fellowship


The Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship is an ACGME-approved training program which is designed to produce superior academic pediatric infectious disease specialists. The standard fellowship is three years in duration, with the majority of the first year devoted to clinical training and a progressive increase in protected time for research activities over the next two years. Limited funds are available for extension of the research activities of fellows to a fourth year of training in order to better prepare the fellow for the assumption of an academic career. U.S. citizenship is not required for application to the fellowship. 

Clinical Training

Centered at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and with close ties to the Adult Infectious Diseases Program at UPMC, the fellowship offers fellows a wide breadth of clinical experience. Because Children’s Hospital is the major tertiary pediatric facility in a region that includes western Pennsylvania, southeast Ohio, western Maryland, and West Virginia, the clinical problems seen include entities ranging from the common, such as pneumonia and osteomyelitis; to the unusual, such as zoonotic infections; to the complex, such as rare and mixed infectious diseases in immunosuppressed transplant patients. With an active microbiology and virology laboratory, and in- and outpatient facilities designed for the care of children, the clinical experience of the trainee is quite complete.

Meet our Current Fellows

Last Update
March 12, 2015
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Last Update
March 12, 2015