Injury Prevention

Lightning Safety

Lightning can be a pretty scary thing, especially if you’re outside when it starts. Always go inside the house when you see lightning. If you can’t go inside, then remember these safety tips:

  • Go to the lowest place near you.
  • Get down or lay in a ditch.
  • If you’re in an open field, don’t let anything but your feet touch the ground as you get as close to the ground as you can. If you see something that’s plastic, stand on it.
  • If you are close to a tree, stay a few feet away from the trunk and get down. This is safer than being right next to the tree trunk or completely out in the open.
  • If in a car, be sure your entire body is inside and not touching any of the outside metal.
  • Small buildings, sheds and tents are not safe places to be when there is lightning.
  • Never swim or wade in water when there is lightning.
Last Update
February 12, 2008
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Last Update
February 12, 2008