Injury Prevention

Portable Crib Safety

Many of the same recommendations for crib safety apply to portable cribs; however, you should also keep the following in mind when using a portable crib.

  • Ensure that the mesh fabric sides are intact. Inspect the fabric frequently for tears.
  • The thickness of a mattress pad in a portable crib should not exceed 1 inch.
  • Do not use an additional mattress or padding. Infants can get tangled up in extra padding and suffocate.
  • Never leave an infant in a crib that has a side folded down. The child could roll into the space between the mattress and the mesh and become trapped.
  • Make sure the latches on the crib are in place and locked to prevent the crib from collapsing.
  • There should not be any screws, rivets, wing nuts, etc., sticking out of the crib.
Last Update
January 29, 2008
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Last Update
January 29, 2008