The Center for Pediatric Surgical, Translational, and Regenerative Medicine

 Center for Pediatric Surgical, Translational and Regenerative Medicine

Seeking Tomorrow’s Cures Today

Welcome to the Center for Pediatric Surgical, Translational, and Regenerative Medicine. The Center was created to help support advanced research into new and novel therapies for debilitating and potentially deadly conditions that affect infants and young children.

Watch the video on artifiical intestine.
David Hackam, MD, PhD discusses the life-saving potential of an artificial intestine.

Here, you can learn about the latest research we are pursuing to improve the lives of children with some of the most devastating diseases. You can also learn about a young boy who longs to eat cupcakes and other foods and continues to inspire a team of researchers to push the boundaries of medicine and biotechnology. It’s the story of Austin Rath and his cupcake fund. One of the Center’s key goals is to create in the laboratory new intestines made from patients’ own cells, which can then be implanted into the patient to restore normal digestive function.

In short, this site is a resource for parents and families of children facing complex illnesses, for investigators seeking to collaborate with us, for individuals who may be interested in joining our growing team, and for anybody who would like to get involved and support our mission. We’re pleased to share our site, and look forward to hearing from you!

Last Update
July 12, 2013
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Last Update
July 12, 2013