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Current Residents and Fellows

Child Neurology/NDD Residents 

Katherine Anetakis, MD
Lalit Bansal, MD
Vincent Carson, MD
Jenna Gaesser, MD
Sarah Chagnon, MD
Luis Fernandez, MD
Anuja V. Jindal, MD
Daniel Lowenstein, MD
Manal Moustafa, MD
Rawad Obeid, MD
Stephanie Szofer, MD
Kavita Thakkar, MD
Drew Thodeson, MD

Child Neurology residents
Left to right: Rawad Obeid, Daniel Lowenstein, Anuja Jindal,
and Luis Fernandez
Child Neurology residents
Left to right: Lalit Bansal, Sarah Chagnon, Manal Moustafa,
Kavita Thakkar, and Drew Thodeson

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Pediatric Neurology/NDD Residents (5-year program) 

Residents at a Pirates game
Left to right: Jenna Gaesser, Stephanie Szofer,
Katherine Anetakis, and Vince Carson

Adam Kney, MD
Neil Munjal, MD
Levi Shelton, MD 


Stacey Elkhatib, MD
Matthew Ginsberg, MD
William Welch, MD 
Last Update
January 2, 2014
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Last Update
January 2, 2014