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Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Program

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC’s Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Program is one of the largest and busiest centers in the country. Our surgeons and specialists have helped countless children, whose seizures could not be controlled with medication, live seizure-free.

Meet some of our patients whose lives have been improved by their experiences at Children’s Hospital.


Trevor Barron,19,  is living seizure-free and training for the next Olympic games. Trevor Barron, 18
surgical treatment for epilepsy

Trevor Barron: Surgical Treatment for Epilepsy
Trevor's seizures caused him to be pulled from his swim team. A surgical procedure has helped him live seizure-free and pursue his dream of competing in the Olympics.

Braden Hagood, 5, had resection surgery which stopped his seizures. Braden Hagood, 5
epilepsy focus mapping for epilepsy

Braden Hagood: Brain Mapping Braden began having seizures at just 2 years old. A procedure called epilepsy focus mapping helped identify the area of his brain causing the seizures.

Shannon Bowser, 17
epilepsy focus mapping for epilepsy

Shannon Bowser: Brain Mapping
Epilepsy surgeons at Children's were able to locate the origin of Shannon's seizures with an advanced surgical technique called epilepsy focus mapping.

Jessica Wilson, 15
surgical resection for epilepsy
Jessica Wilson: Surgical Resection for Epileps y
When anti-seizure drugs didn't help, the doctors at Children's performed surgery to remove the area of Jessica's brain that was causing her seizures.
James O'Donnell, 9
surgical treatment for epilepsy

James O'Donnell: Surgical Treatment for Epilepsy
Tuberous sclerosis caused benign tumors to grow in James' brain, resulting in seizures. Children's epilepsy surgeons removed the tumors, giving James a seizure-free childhood.

Antonia Berwick, 8, is living seizure-free thanks to a device called a vagus nerve stimulator. Antonia Berwick, 8
vagus nerve stimulator

Antonia Berwick: Vagus Nerve Stimulator
After other epilepsy treatments failed, a device called a vagus nerve stimulator was used to stop Antonia's seizures. At age 8, she is now living seizure-free.


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October 10, 2013
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October 10, 2013