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The Brain Care Institute’s multidisciplinary Epilepsy Center features a team of talented and knowledgeable pediatric epileptologists, behavioral health specialists, neuropsychologists, neuroradiologists, and others.

Epilepsy Doctors

Patricia K. Crumrine, MD
Director of Medical Epilepsy and EEG
Dr. Crumrine specializes in epilepsy neurology. She reads EEGs and is an attending physician for the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. She also researches anticonvulsant drug treatments for childhood epilepsy. Read more.
Satya Gedela, MD
Director, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Medical Director, Epilepsy Surgery Program
Dr. Gedela is a pediatric neurologist specializing in Pediatric Epilepsy. He is actively involved in the Epilepsy Surgery Program and serves as its medical director. He is the co-director for Ketogenic Diet Clinic. Read more.
Inna Vaisleib, MD
Pediatric Epileptologist
Dr. Vaisleib is a neurologist specially trained in epilepsy, with a particular interest in sleep disorders and headaches in children. She also consults at the Sleep Disorders Clinic. Read more.
Shelley Williams, MD
Pediatric Epileptologist
Dr. Williams specializes in child neurology and pediatric epilepsy. She directs the Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic as well as the Ketogenic Diet Clinic. Read more.

Bilal Sitwat, MD
Pediatric Epileptologist
Dr. Sitwat specializes in treating comorbid conditions and refractory seizures in children with epilepsy. He is also actively involved in the Epilepsy Surgery Program. Read more.

Christina Patterson, MD
Pediatric Epileptologist
Dr. Patterson has specialty training in epilepsy and electroencephalography. Her research interest is in studying new medications to treat children with seizures and in using epilepsy surgery to improve the lives of children with epilepsy. Read more.

Yoshimi Sogawa, MD

Yoshimi Sogawa, MD
Pediatric Epileptologist
Dr. Sogawa completed a fellowship in clinical neurophysiology. Her interests include understanding the relationship between infantile onset epilepsy and cognitive/developmental outcomes, and exploring optimal management options for brain tumor–related epilepsy in children. Read more.


Sue Beers, PhD
Hilary Feldman, PhD, LSW
Dr. Feldman has been at Children's since 1981. In her work with the Epilepsy Center, she is able to provide neuropsychological assessment of children with underlying medical disorders in order to help physicians address specific concerns and to help make recommendations to parents, schools, and physicians. Read more.

Behavioral Health

Robert Ortiz-Aguayo, MD



Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) Staff

Pat Lordeon, R.EEG.T, Supervisor, Neurodiagnostics
Gerri vonHofen, RN, Supervisor, Patient Services

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January 20, 2015
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January 20, 2015