Hydrocephalus Treatment and Neuropsychological Outcomes

Ventricular Size Involvement in Neuropsychological Outcomes in Pediatric Hydrocephalus

Protocol Description

The purpose of this multi-center study is to find out if there is a link between pre-operative size of cerebral ventricles (fluid-filled cavities in the brain) and predicting intellectual capabilities of children with hydrocephalus following surgery.

Eligibility Criteria

This study is open to children of both genders, age 5 years and older, who have been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and may require surgical treatment.
Boys: Age 5 and older
Girls: Age 5 and older
Participation in the study will not change any clinical, surgical or imaging routines required for the child’s treatment. Parents will be asked for permission to allow the placement of their child’s past, current and future medical record information into the study database, along with copies of medical images taken as part of the treatment and information about surgery and outcomes. Participating children will be given intellectual assessments by a neuropsychologist prior to surgery and again at the time of the child’s 6-month post-operative visit.
Visits: 2, scheduled to coincide with routine check-ups
Duration: 6 months
Status: Open for Enrollment
Source(s) of Support
Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network

Primary Investigator(s)

Mandeep Tamber, MD, PhD

Contact Information

For information, please contact:
Arlene M. Luther, BS, RN

Last Update
February 6, 2014
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Last Update
February 6, 2014