LEAP Study

Longitudinal Emerging Adulthood Program (LEAP) Study on Health and Wellness of Teenagers

Protocol Description

The LEAP study is a general health and wellness study examining how teenagers’ healthy behaviors and risky behaviors change as they transition into young adulthood. Researchers seek to better understand teens in terms of emotional health, physical and reproductive health, stressful life events, interpersonal relationships including romantic relationships and sexual activity, family routines, personality characteristics, drug and alcohol use and overall quality of life. With semi-annual visits, the study will examine changes in health over time and how health is associated with other factors, such as interpersonal relationships.

Eligibility Criteria

Male and female patients, ages 14 through 19 years, who visit the Adolescent Medicine Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.
Boys: Ages 14 through 19
Girls: Ages 14 through 19
Participants will be interviewed by researchers and will complete questionnaires, which are kept confidential. Participants will be asked questions about moods and thoughts, relationships with family and friends, relationships, drug/alcohol use and more. The first interview will be approximately 3 hours and all follow-up interviews will be approximately 60 to 90 minutes.
Visits: Up to 9, as determined by age of child when entering the program
Duration: Every 6 months through April of 2015
Status: Open to Enrollment
Source(s) of Support
National Institutes of Health

Primary Investigator(s)

Michael P. Marshal, PhD

Contact Information

To enroll, or for information, please contact:
LEAP Study Line

Last Update
April 26, 2011
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Last Update
April 26, 2011