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We are at the top in Heart Surgery!
Our Heart Institute ranks as the top pediatric cardiovascular surgery program in the U.S. with the lowest overall four-year surgical mortality rate among all medium- and high-volume programs with a rate of 1.1%, according to the latest data compiled by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (2008-2012). Nationally, the average mortality rate for all pediatric cardiovascular programs was 3.5% during the same reporting period.


Victor O. Morell, MD

Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Victor Morell, MD

 Mahesh Sharma, MD

Mahesh Sharma, MD

Melita Viegas, MD Melita Viegas, MD
Peter Wearden, MD

Peter Wearden, MD, PhD


Physician Extenders

Lexie Armstrong, CRNP
Erin Colvin, CRNP
Kristyn Lowery, PA-C
Katie Nickolich, CRNP
Dana Shiderly, CRNP

Last Update
August 25, 2015
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Last Update
August 25, 2015