Our Services

Our Physicians and Staff

Raymond Pitetti, MD
Medical Director, Sedation Services
Raymond D Pitetti, MD
Director of Operations, Sedation Services
Isabela Cajiao-Angelelli, MD


Our Physicians
Matthew Bochkoris, MD
Julia Burger, MD
Yuliya Domnina, MD
Kristin Farrell, MD
Kathryn Felmet, MD
Jessica Garrison, MD
Valerie Greene, MD
Emily Kowalik, MD
Anubha Mittal, MD
Megan Murphree, MD
Richard Orr, MD
Antonella Polito, MD
Mara Richardson, MD
Lieu Tran, MD

Advance Practice Providers
Jenny DePalma, PA-C
April Hollenbeck, PA-C
Debra Hornyak, CRNP
Melissa Keyser, PA-C
Erin Madden, PA-C
Darlie Palumbo, PA-C
Daria Segers, PA-C

Administrative Assistant
Roberta Smith

Last Update
June 25, 2014
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Last Update
June 25, 2014