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Training Requirements

for General Pediatrics for the Pediatrics-Child Neurology Pathway

A special agreement exists between the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN), whereby an applicant who completes at least two years of accredited training in general comprehensive pediatrics and the neurology training necessary to meet the requirements for certification in neurology with special qualifications in child neurology, fulfills the training requirements of both the ABP and the ABPN.

Core Curriculum Requirements

The curriculum for the two years of general pediatrics training should include a broad exposure to the specialty and must include 22 months of clinical experiences, 20 months of which are specified. The additional two months of electives will be at the discretion of the general pediatrics program director. Rotations in child neurology are restricted to one month, either as a required subspecialty or as an elective rotation. The 20 months' specified experiences must consist of the following:

Rotations Months Required
Inpatient Experience 5

ICU Experience
Total ICU Experience

Emergency Medicine/Acute Illness 4 (to include 2 months of EM, 1 of which must be a block rotation)
Subspecialty Experience 3 (1 month each in 3 different core subspecialties required by Residency Review Committee (RRC))
1 (may be a combination of 2 or more subspecialties per RRC)
Adolescent Medicine 1
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics 1

Normal Newborn

Specified Experiences Total 20





Total Months 24

Last Update
August 20, 2012
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Last Update
August 20, 2012