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While it is our hope that we wouldn’t see any child in our ER, the fact is that in 2007 we saw 64,083 patients (including those seen in Fast Track). Many of them are children who have been injured in an accident. Below are links to a few of our success stories.

Doctors and Patient Fight Time and Incredible Odds
The continual monitoring and expertise available to Emily Harriger helped her recover from a severely damaged pancreas—but credit also goes to her inner strength and patience.
Bicycle Accident Leads to Emergency Surgery
Within five minutes of entering the emergency room at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Harrison Goldberg's doctors knew he needed surgery for his life-threatening liver laceration.
An Amazing Recovery After a Devastating Fall
In September 1998, Kate Barry was a happy-go-lucky 5-year-old starting kindergarten—just six months after falling out a second-story window and entering a coma.
Young Boy Survives Accident at Home
Immediate treatment and care by Children’s trauma team helped Luke Emmerling recover from a devastating accident that occurred in the family’s living room.
Luke Emmerling, pediatric trauma patient
Child Recovers From Dog Mauling
Ten-year-old Marcus Porter was mauled by two large dogs sustaining severe injuries that required a multidisciplinary approach to his care at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s pediatric trauma center. His story is not unusual but his recovery and bravery are next to remarkable.
Car Crash Almost Ends a Young Life
Many have described Matthew Ricketts’ recovery from near-fatal injuries suffered in a car crash as “miraculous.” But in truth, it was the expertise and fast action of the trauma team at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh that saved Matthew, 18, from his horrific injuries.
Little Girl Overcomes Injuries After a Bicycle Crash
Following emergency surgery and weeks of monitoring and treatment, Sedraniq Holt is now able to play sports again.
Sedraniq Holt, pediatric trauma patient
A Miraculous Recovery Following a Dirt Bike Crash
Above all odds, Zachary Weight overcame life-threatening injuries with the help of Children’s expertly trained trauma team.
Zachary Weight, pediatric trauma patient

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August 20, 2010
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August 20, 2010