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Adolescents and young adults with cancer have the same needs as their peers.  They desire to be seen as individuals, yet group acceptance is very important.  They want to have close relationships with friends, to feel that they’re understood, and to plan for a promising future.  Our AYA Oncology Program provides a variety of non-medical services designed to help adolescents and young adults stand up as individuals without standing out because of their disease. Among them are:

  • Psychosocial services. Young adult-specific psychiatry and psychology support and therapy are available. Weekly “teen chat” support groups for inpatients and outpatients who live in the area help young adults understand they’re not alone. Coping skills, therapy compliance and life skills training for financial, workplace and relationship issues are emphasized.
  • AYA Life Specialists. Activities designed for young adults are available to make their stay more enjoyable.  A collection of age-appropriate (up to PG-13) movies, music, video games, books and magazines is available for use at the hospital, and chaperoned outings are planned.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining the same activities and interests young adult patients enjoy at home.
  • Look Good ... Feel Better Program. This hospital-based, public service program was created by the Cosmetic,Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation and its collaborators to help teens, aged 13-17, deal with the appearance, health and social effects of cancer treatment. These one-and-a-half hour, co-ed, “parent-free” sessions provide teens with professional advice on appearance, nutrition and social concerns during cancer treatment, as well as a backpack full of free skincare products and gear. Learn more.
  • Tutoring services. School and homework support helps patients keep current with their studies while undergoing treatment.
  • School/Career Counselor. Career and continuing education guidance and encouragement helps patients set goals and look forward to and plan for their futures, whether their cancer has affected their plans or not.

 Read about the Medical Services offered through the AYA Program.

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October 6, 2011
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Last Update
October 6, 2011