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Free legal services by the Cancer Legal Resource Center

Disability Rights Legal Center 
Sponsored by the Cancer Legal Resource Center

If you need legal assistance but cannot afford to hire an attorney, you may want to contact the Lawyer Referral Service of the Allegheny County Bar Association. Through the Modest Means Program, a client, once screened, will be referred to one attorney who has agreed to provide a particular service at a reduced fee. Learn more.

Insurance Resources

Patient Advocate Foundation

Health Insurance and Financial Assistance for the Cancer Patient
As a cancer patient, you may have financial resources available to help you. Here you can learn about private health insurance, government-funded insurance plans, options if you are uninsured, financial issues and possible sources of help, health insurance risk pools, and other resources that may be available to you.

Disability Information

Benefits for Children with Disabilities
A printable guide to disability benefits for children

Working While Disabled - How Social Security Can Help
A printable guide to getting disability benefits

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February 3, 2014
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Last Update
February 3, 2014