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The City's Best Doctors 2014

Pittsburgh Magazine

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC salutes our physicians honored in Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2014 “Best Doctors” issue. These doctors represent the best medical professionals in various specialties.

The list was compiled by Best Doctors® and derived from the Best Doctors in America® database which includes the names and profiles of more than 45,000 of the best doctors in the United States.

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Adolescent Medicine

  • Loreta Matheo, MD
  • Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD
  • Jonathan Pletcher, MD 

Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Victor Morell, MD
  • Peter Wearden, MD, PhD

Child Advoacy Center (CAC)

  • Janet Squires, MD

Child Development Unit (CDU)

  • Sara Hamel, MD
  • Kristin Hannibal, MD

Child Neurology

  • Ira Bergman, MD, PhD
  • Patricia Crumrine, MD
  • Amy Goldstein, MD
  • Shelley Williams, MD

Cleft-Craniofacial Center

  • Charles Fitz, MD

Cystic Fibrosis Center

  • Shean Aujla, MD
  • Sangeeta Chakravorty, MD, Dip. ABSM 
  • Jonathan Finder, MD


  • Silva Arslanian, MD
  • Dorothy Becker, MBBCh
  • Oscar Escobar, MD

General Academic Pediatrics

  • Sonika Bhatnagar, MD, MPH
  • Aimee Biller, MD
  • Debra Bogen, MD
  • Diego Chaves-Gnecco, MD, MPH
  • Alejandro Hoberman, MD 
  • Sanjay Lambore, MD
  • Deborah Moss, MD
  • Kumaravel Rajakumar, MD, MS 
  • Evelyn Reis, MD
  • Nader Shaikh, MD, MPH 

Hepatology Program

  • Benjamin Shneider, MD

Hillman Center for Pediatric Transplant

  • George Mazariegos, MD
  • Rakesh Sindhi, MD
  • Kyle Soltys, MD 

Infectious Diseases

  • Michael Green, MD, MPH 
  • Marian Michaels, MD, MPH
  • Andrew Nowalk, MD, PhD

Intestinal Care and Rehabilitation Center (ICARE)

  • Geoff Bond, MD
  • Jeffrey Rudolph, MD

Medical Genetics

  • Georgianne Arnold, MD
  • David Finegold, MD
  • Jerry Vockley, MD, PhD

Nash, Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Specialty Care-UPMC

  • David Nash, MD

Paul C. Gaffney Diagnostic Service

  • Carol Lynn Cabral, MD
  • Sylvia Choi, MD
  • Michael Decker, MD
  • Joyce Leifer, MD
  • Sara McIntire, MD
  • Laura Panko, MD
  • Andrew Urbach, MD
  • Basil Zitelli, MD

Pediatric Anesthesiology

  • Franklyn Cladis, MD
  • Peter Davis, MD
  • Jerome Parness, MD, PhD

Pediatric Cardiology

  • Vivek Allada, MD
  • Lee Beerman, MD 
  • Brian Feingold, MD
  • Jacqueline Kreutzer, MD
  • Ricardo Munoz, MD 

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

  • Rajesh Aneja, MD
  • Hulya Bayir, MD
  • Michael Bell, MD
  • Joseph Carcillo, MD
  • Robert Clark, MD
  • Kathryn Felmet, MD
  • Richard Orr, MD
  • Ann Thompson, MD, MDDM  

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

  • Robert Hickey, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology

  • Luigi Garibaldi, MD
  • Ingrid Libman, MD, PhD
  • Mark Sperling, MBBS
  • Selma Witchel, MD

Pediatric Gastroenterology

  • Maria Clavell, MD
  • Alka Goyal, MD
  • Sohail Husain, MD
  • David Keljo, MD, PhD
  • Mark Lowe, MD, PhD
  • Robert Squires Jr., MD

Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery

  • Barbara Gaines, MD 
  • George Gittes, MD 

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

  • James Cooper, MD
  • Rakesh Goyal, MD 
  • Linda McAllister-Lucas, MD, PhD
  • A. Kim Ritchey, MD
  • Peter Shaw, MD
  • Jean Tersak, MD
  • Michael Wollman, MD

Pediatric Nephrology

  • Demetrius Ellis, MD
  • Michael Moritz, MD
  • Abhay Vats, MD

Pediatric Neurosurgery

  • Ian Pollack, MD
  • Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara, MD, PhD

Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus and Adult Motility

  • Kenwal Nischal, MD, FRCOphth

Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Patrick Bosch, MD
  • Vincent Deeney, MD
  • Stephen Mendelson, MD
  • James Roach, MD
  • W. Timothy Ward, MD

Pediatric Otolaryngology (ENT)

  • Cuneyt Alper, MD
  • Margaretha Casselbrant, MD, PhD 
  • David Chi, MD
  • Joseph Dohar, MD
  • Robert Yellon, MD

Pediatric Pathology

  • Ronald Jaffe, MBBCh

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

  • Joseph Losee, MD, FAAP, FACS

Pediatric Pulmonology

  • Shean J. Aujla, MD
  • Jonathan D. Finder, MD
  • Geoffrey Kurland, MD
  • David M. Orenstein, MD
  • Jonathan E. Spahr, MD
  • Daniel Weiner, MD

Pediatric Radiology

  • Giulio Zuccoli, MD

Pulmonary Medicine

  • Geoffrey Kurland, MD
  • David Orenstein, MD
  • Jonathan Spahr, MD
  • Daniel Weiner, MD

Pediatric Urology

  • Steven Docimo, MD
  • Francis Schneck, MD

Children's Community Pediatrics

  • Kiran B. Bhat
  • Jane Breck, MD, FAAP
  • Lawrence J. Butler
  • Jennifer M. Chianese
  • Mary C. Davitt
  • Stephen T. Fowler
  • Harold M. Glick
  • Edward Gotkiewicz
  • Gregory M. Hoyson
  • Leroy S. Indorato
  • Kenneth R. Keppel
  • Laura E. Kisloff
  • John LaBella
  • Sheldon R. Levine
  • Susan C. Lombardozzi-Lane
  • Thomas G. Lynch
  • Thomas J. Maroon
  • JoAnn Nickleach
  • Helen C. O’Hallaron
  • Suzanne M. Reitz
  • Paul L. Rowland III
  • Douglas P. Stewart
  • Donald J. Vigliotti
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