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Referrals and Appointments

Referrals to the UTI Center

Physicians who wish to refer a patient to the UTI Center or seek a consultation should contact our staff or send an email to UTIS@chp.edu.


Linette Milkovich, RN
Jennifer Nagg, RN
Marcia Pope, RN
Phone: 412-692-UTIS (8847)
Fax: 412-692-5807

Clinical Study Referrals

For patients who may be candidates for a clinical trial, please review the current clinical studies to determine potential eligibility. Study briefs include contact information. For physician use, supplemental materials are also provided for select studies.

Scheduling Appointments

Patient appointments may be made by calling 412-692-UTIS (8847).

Last Update
November 20, 2012
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Last Update
November 20, 2012