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C h i l d r e n ’s H o s p i t a l o f P i t t s b u r g h o f U PMC
J. Gregory Barrett
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
What’s your Children’s Hospital story?
When we’re out and about in the Pittsburgh region and people find out we work at Children’s Hospital, they
­inevitably share a story with us about how the hospital has impacted their lives or the lives of their loved ones.
They feel compelled to support the hospital because of that story.
Our story began 122 years ago.
That’s when Kirk LeMoyne, the son of a local pediatrician, raised enough money to endow a cot at a local
adult ­hospital. With continued community support, that cot soon became Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.
The community’s hospital.
Today, our story continues with Austin, a little boy who has an intestinal disease so severe, he’s never been able
to enjoy a cupcake, or many other foods, without severe pain. So he started a “Cupcake Fund.” This little boy and
his family have had a profound impact on the laboratory at Children’s where physician-scientists are working to
develop an artificial ­intestine. You can read more about that impact in this report.
Another story involves a husband-and-wife team, Drs. Paul Szabolcs and Maria Escolar, who came to Children’s
to advance a radical treatment for patients with neurodegenerative diseases like Krabbe.
And, in the true spirit of Kirk LeMoyne, the leaders of the venerable Richard King Mellon Foundation had the
foresight to support Children’s in establishing a pediatric research institute where scientists can focus on high-risk,
high-impact science that might otherwise not be supported. The institute recently recruited its first two scholars.
All of the stories within this report are inspiring examples of how individuals and organizations alike are continuing
the legacy of Kirk LeMoyne.
Thank you for being part of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh story.
Christopher Gessner
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
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