Children's Hospital Community Report 2012 - page 6

Commu n i t y R e p o r t
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C h i l d r e n ’s H o s p i t a l o f P i t t s b u r g h o f U PMC
Lily’s Gift
Maryland Family’s Generous Spirit
Leads to Life-Altering Transplant
Led by Maria Escolar, MD, the Program for the Study
of Neurodevelopment in Rare Disorders (NDRD) is the
only program of its kind in the United States. Dr. Escolar
and her team provide ongoing services for more than
500 ­patients with rare metabolic disorders from across the
world. This experience, combined with ongoing clinical
research, provides the expertise to assess the multi-
system needs of these children and to plan appropriate
management, therapies, and palliative care when needed.
The NDRD team also consults with local health care
­providers and educators to assist them in providing care
to children with these rare diseases.
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