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Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Volunteers – welcome to our Volunteer Information Page! We will provide helpful resources and information on this site – in one place for your convenience – including:

  • CHP Volunteer News/Happenings
  • Access to Annual Retraining Materials
  • Forms such as TB test and Absence Request forms and other educational materials

Volunteer Forms and Resources for Current Volunteers

Children's Volunteer News and Happenings

Children’s Hospital Volunteer Beats Cancer, Spreads Positivity

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review featured former Pitt wrestler and Children’s Hospital Volunteer, Dan Kornberg as he spreads positivity after beating Cancer.
(May 22, 2016)

Volunteer Recognition 2016

Children’s Hospital’s Volunteer Services Department held its annual Volunteer Recognition event on Sunday, May 15 in Rangos Conference Center.  Current CHP volunteer Celina Pompeani served as the Master of Ceremonies for a program that honored numerous volunteers and featured an inspiring presentation from Junlei Li, Co-Director of Fred Rogers Center.

Read a complete recap of our Annual Recognition Event click here.

Proud to Be From Pittsburgh Segment on WPXI Features Music Smiles

Our friends from WPXI (Pittsburgh's NBC Affiliate - Channel 11) including longtime news anchor Peggy Finnegan aired a segment on the local news featuring the "Music Smiles" program that is spearheaded by CHP volunteer Annie Pugar of the Sonny Pugar Memorial, Inc. which brings local musicians several times a month to play music at different hospitals around the area.

Here’s the link to the segment, which includes interviews with Annie, Sonny Pugar Memorial board member and famed local musician Joey Granati and CHP Child Life Music Therapist, Nicole Steele.

Princess Volunteer Erika Strasburg Featured in Tribune-Review

One of our volunteers, Erika Strasburg, (here’s link to video with Erika visiting patient) who has a unique role here at Children’s, as she dresses up as a variety of princesses (a different one each visit), and regularly visits with patients.  Erika has been a part of our volunteer team since October 2013.

Click here for the link to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review feature "Ailing kids get boost from volunteer's hospital visits."

Key Contributor of the Month

Volunteer Services Department, in cooperation with all of the volunteer supervisors -- are now pleased to announced that each month, we will be recognizing a volunteer (or volunteers) who exemplify the core values of patient-and family-centered care – and who continue to go above and beyond for our patients and families to be a KEY contributor. We look forward to honoring our volunteers regularly, throughout the year and will do so with this special accolade. Each month we will be presenting selected volunteer(s) with a gold engraved “Volunteer of the Month” Key.

Key Contributor – Volunteer of the Month Recipients:

  • May – Hayley Hellstern (Child Life)
  • June – Luke Ziegler (Child Life)
  • July – Ruth Yahr (PACU Recovery Room)
  • August – Dee Zeske (Child Life/Austin's Playroom Tuesday nights)
  • September – Lisa Hogue (Child Life/Austin's Playroom Tuesday nights)
  • October – Rick Sparvero (Patient Transport)
  • November – Linda Aull (Outpatient Oncology)
  • December – Sue Wilson (Pet Friends)
  • January – Kathleen "Cookie" Peltz (Pastoral Care)
  • March – Jamie Beinteinde (Same Day Surgery)
  • April – Jazmeen Guron (Cardiac 7A/4C)
  • May – Stephanie Spano (Child Life – Wednesday evenings / Volunteer Ambassador)

2015 Volunteer Recognition Brunch

On May 2, 2015, the Volunteer Services Department hosted its Annual Recognition event in Rangos Conference Center as over 130 volunteers turned out for a fun brunch and festivities that included raffles, photo booth, awards presentations and more! Read a complete recap of our Annual Recognition Brunch (PDF).

Albert P. Lexie Volunteer of the Year Award

Beginning in 2014, the Annual Volunteer of the Year Award is named in honor of Albert Lexie, who has been a shining example of selfless giving. For more than 30 years, Albert shined shoes at Children’s Hospital and contributed all of his tips from customers, accepting only a few dollars per shoe shine. In this time, he raised more than $200,000 for the Free Care Fund at Children’s Hospital to ensure that every child receives the medical care they need. You can also find out more information about Albert, on Children’s Albert P. Lexie webpage.

Each year, we honor a volunteer who exemplifies the dedication and devotion to the patients and families of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Albert P. Lexie Volunteer of the Year Recipients:

  • 2014 - John Hoover
  • 2015 – Tom “Wo” Wozar
  • 2016 – Georgia Davidson

Community Partner of the Year

Beginning in 2013, the Volunteer Services Department has honored an organization that has been an instrumental part of the Hospital Volunteer Program at Children’s Hospital. This award recognizes an exemplary community partnership that has provided innovative projects and programs and whose members have contributed significant hours of service that have had a positive impact on the patients and families of Children’s Hospital.

Community Partner of the Year Recipients:

  • 2013 – Kiwanas Club – Pittsburgh
  • 2014 – PNC Grow Up Great Program
  • 2015 – Sonny Pugar Memorial, Inc./Music Smiles Program

Annual Volunteer Retraining

Congratulations! You have been volunteering at Children’s for another year – thank you! Annual Retraining allows you to stay compliant with hospital and Joint Commission standards, as well as get a refresher in important topics to keep patients, families, staff, and you safe. The retraining should not take more than one hour.

To complete the retraining requirement from this site, you can download/view the 14 retraining presentation modules; complete the retraining test and acknowledgement form on this webpage.

Links to the modules, test and acknowledgement form can be retrieved below.

Please take time to read through the modules, as many have been updated with the latest information to help guide you in your role as a volunteer at Children’s Hospital. Once you review each module, you can complete the portion of the test for that specific area. After completing the entire test, be sure to also complete the acknowledgement form (which is on the last page of the test document).

You can complete the test / acknowledgement forms:

  • As a word document or PDF (save on your computer) and submit via email as an attachment, OR
  • Print, and complete by hand

You can email electronic responses to us to volunteercoordinator@chp.edu. If you choose to print them and complete by hand, please turn in to the Volunteer Services office, or mail them to us:

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Volunteer Services Department
4401 Penn Avenue, Room 1265
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Please note: if you have completed a New Volunteer Orientation >after July 1, 2015 or if you are a Teen Volunteer, you will not have to complete this year’s Annual Mandatory Training.

All current volunteers who have not completed the Annual Mandatory Training may have their status changed to “Inactive.” Your status will be updated to active, as soon as you complete the Training/Test.

Download the presentation modules

Download the test and acknowledgement form

Annual Mandatory 2015 Volunteer Retraining Test (PDF)

If you have any questions, please call our office at (412) 692-5185 or, email.

Did You Print Your Pages and Write In Your Answers?

Deliver them when you volunteer or mail to:

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Volunteer Services Department
4401 Penn Avenue, Room 1265
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

If you have any questions, please call our office at (412) 692-5185 or, email.