Teen Volunteer Application Process

New Volunteers

To be considered for placement in the 2016 Teen Volunteer Program, please note the following:

  • Teen Volunteers applicants will be required to follow an application process.
  • Application information and packets are posted to the Teen Volunteer Program page.
  • All applications must be received by the deadline date.
  • Those accepted into the program must attend a New Teen Volunteer Orientation Session.
  • Submit required paperwork for TB testing and Tdap prior to start date.

Applications must be complete to be considered for placement and must meet the deadline.

Returning Volunteers

If you have successfully completed at least one entire summer as a Teen Volunteer and have received an invitation via email to return, you will be required to complete a returning teen packet to be eligible to return:

  • Returning Teens who complete all of the required information will be informed of their acceptance to the program and scheduled assignment by late April.
  • Returning teens are required to attend  a Teen Volunteer Refresher Training Session.
  • Submit required paperwork for TB testing prior to start date.
  • Returning volunteers are eligible to begin the first week of June.

Acceptance Notification

Please keep in mind, that there are a limited number of positions available. All applicants will receive a notification of their acceptance status by early May.

For any questions about the Teen Volunteer Program, please email us at volunteercoordinator@chp.edu or call us at 412-692-5185.