Child Life Department Staff

Staff members of the Child Life Program are caring professionals who assess the specific needs of children anticipating a hospital stay. They develop and implement individual and group activities to help make each child’s hospital stay as pleasant as possible. 

Child Life Specialists and Child Life Assistants work together as a team to support our patients and their families. Here’s a closer look at what they do:

Child Life Specialist

  • Provides emotional support to children and their families.
  • Prepares children and families for health care experiences (admission, medical and surgical procedures).
  • Assesses children’s development and behavior.
  • Provides opportunities for normal play activities and therapeutic medical play interactions.
  • Teaches stress point coping techniques (diversion, distraction, relaxation) to help reduce stress and anxiety and suggests positive coping ideas during intrusive procedures.
  • Gives information regarding sibling support.
  • Discusses bereavement and related issues when appropriate.

Child Life Assistant

  • Implements age-appropriate individualized and group activities in coordination with a Child Life Specialist.
  • Supports the psychosocial and developmental needs of children and their families in coordination with a Child Life Specialist.
  • Escorts and acts as a hospital representative for entertainers and special guests.
  • Processes toy donations.

Creative and Expressive Arts Therapy (CEAT)

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Where is Child Life and CEAT in the hospital?

Child Life and CEAT can be found on all inpatient, outpatient and intensive care areas of the hospital.