Transition Program for Adolescents

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center

The transition program at the Adult Congential Heart Disease (ACHD) Center, a joint program of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and UPMC Presbyterian, is one of a kind. It promotes lifelong care and follow-up for individuals with congenital heart disease. The transition from adolescence to an adult specialist can be overwhelming and confusing. Our ACHD Center is here to help alleviate the stress and confusion that can sometimes accompany a transition in care.

Each patient receives a transitional care plan to guide them into the next adult phase of their life - whether it's medical care that's needed or information about fertility, contraception, pregnancy, psychosocial issues or career counseling, sporting activities, insurance issues, travel, future plans and endless support networks.

Our program is staffed with dedicated nurse practitioners who will facilitate the transition in care, as well as be a vital member of a patient's ACHD care team.

Medical Insurance, Financial Issues

Do you have questions about medical insurance or financial issues during your transition in care? Please contact Clinical Social Worker Robin Telles, MSW, LSW, by phone at 412-692-5190 or by email at

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