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J.) After the Surgery or Procedure

After your child’s procedure is completed, he or she will be taken to the Recovery Room until the effects of anesthesia begin to wear off. You will be called to the Recovery Room once your child is awake. The length of time your child spends in the Recovery Room will vary with the procedure and the child. A maximum of two adults are permitted in the Recovery Room. Siblings and other children are not permitted in the Recovery Room or any other patient care areas within Same Day Surgery.

  • Children who are scheduled to stay overnight will be assigned an inpatient room. One parent may sleep overnight with the child, if desired.
  • Children who are going home will return to the Same Day Surgery Center’s post-op unit to be prepared for discharge. Remember to follow up with your doctor about any therapy or medications your child may need for his or her recovery, and when your child can resume certain activities, including school.

After surgery, your doctor or nurse will ask about any pain your child may have. Whenever you child is to take medication, especially a new one, ask what it is for and its side effects. This will ensure that you are kept informed. If you have questions or concerns about any medication, ask the doctor or nurse.

School or employment excuses are available upon request.

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September 3, 2013
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September 3, 2013