2010 Research In the News

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View news clips below featuring Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC’s John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center.

Antibiotics a mixed bag for kids' ear infections
BusinessWeek (11/18/10)

Antibiotics a mixed bag for kids' ear infections
U.S. News & World Report (11/17/10)

Infant formula could play role in type 1 diabetes
KDKA-TV (11/12/10)

Children's Hospital to study treatment for cardiac arrest
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (10/20/10)

Study identifies disease protein
United Press International (06/24/10)

Research finds old drug may help livers
Pittsburgh Post Gazette (06/16/10)

Seizure drug may help kids' liver disease
United Press International (06/08/10)

Well-known drug may be useful in liver disease
MedPage Today (06/08/10)

New way created to study cancer stem cells
United Press International (06/08/10)

Common used seizure drug could treat severe, genetic liver disease
Medical News Today (06/07/10)

New bone marrow transplant method may expand treatment
USA Today (Associated Press) (05/11/10)

Longer lives on horizon for children born old
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (04/19/10)

Local girl copes with rare Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Central Michigan Life (04/14/10)

Child obesity soaring in rural America
U.S. News & World Report (04/12/10)

Spanking can make young children aggressive, study finds
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (04/12/10)

New system puts vital valve in its place without open-heart surgery
Pittsburgh Post Gazette (03/31/10)

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