Bridges Faculty Development Awards

The Bridges Faculty Development Program awards funds to enhance teaching, mentoring educational scholarship and /or leadership skills.

There are two award categories.

Education Innovation Project Grant

This award aims to promote educational scholarship among CHP Professional Staff and faculty members of the Department of Pediatrics. The grant will provide financial support for projects relevant to medical education learners across the continuum of pediatrics (medical school students, graduate medical education learners, continuing medical education/faculty).

Innovative curriculum, educational research and/or the development of new educational resources are some of the examples of projects that will be considered.

Funds up to $1500 per project can be requested.

It is expected that this project will enhance the quality of education in our institution in some way, e.g., a new curriculum, or teaching or evaluation approach is integrated into training the targeted learning group. It is also expected that scholarly work be submitted for presentation at a local, regional, or national conference.

Application form: Education Innovation Project Grant (PDF)

2017 Education Innovation Project Grant Awardees

Heba Ismail, MBBCh, MSc, PhD
Ingrid Libman, MD PhD
Project: A day in the life of a patient with diabetes

Matthew Pihlblad, MD
Project: Educational benefit of the D-eye in teaching direct ophthalmoscopy

Individual Faculty Professional/Leadership Development Grant

This award supports the professional development of CHP Professional Staff and faculty members of the Department of Pediatrics. This may take the form of advanced training, applicant-designed projects, travel expenses, or other opportunities to enhance the career success of individual faculty.

Funds up to $1500 per project can be requested.

It is expected that the funds will help to establish the awardee as a leader in one of the following domains (list is not exhaustive): education, leadership/administration, quality improvement, or patient safety. It is further expected that the knowledge or skills gained from this experience will be disseminated locally, such as through a faculty development workshop, QI project, or other means.

Potential formal programs to consider include but are not limited to:

Application form: Faculty Professional/Leadership Development Grant (PDF)

2017 Individual Faculty Professional/Leadership Grant Awardee

Jennifer R. Marin, MD, MSc
To attend the AAMC Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar

Application Information

Applications for either award are to be submitted to the Department of Pediatrics Office of Faculty Development. They can be submitted by email or delivered to Lola Suvak, Administrative Offices, 5th floor, AOB.

Application Cycle

Current Application Cycle closed effective midnight February 17, 2017. Next cycle announcement will be posted in December 2017.

Application Content and Forms

For the Educational Innovation Project Grant, please provide:

For the Individual Faculty Development Grant, please provide:

  • Letter of Intent, outlining your professional goals and how this faculty development experience will influence your career.
  • Description of how this experience will enhance the quality of education, patient care or leadership in our institution.
  • Budget outlining the funds you need to support the professional development opportunity. You can request funds up to $1,500.
  • Copy of your curriculum vitae.
  • Letter of support from your division chief or department chair.
  • Application form: Faculty Professional/Leadership Development Grant (PDF)

Applications, excluding CV and support letter, should not exceed 3 pages.


Review Process

The Department of Pediatrics Faculty Development Committee will review the applications and decide upon awards based upon:

  • Consistency with the purpose of the funds
  • Strength of the proposal
  • Feasibility
  • Innovation (for Education project)
  • Likelihood to contribute to the individual and/or institution or academic/medical education community at large