Think First Program for Kids and Teens

Injury is the leading cause of death and disability among children and young adults. The number one killer of young people is traumatic injury caused by vehicle crashes, violence, falls, sports and other causes. The most serious injuries are those to the brain and spinal cord. Injuries to these areas can lead to permanent paralysis and disabling brain injuries. The only "cure" is preventing injuries from happening in the first place.

Think First For Kids

Think First for Kids is an evidence-based curriculum for grades 1-3. Six safety themes include lessons on vehicle, bicycle, water and playground safety, as well as preventing violence-related injuries. Presentations are available as assemblies or to health classes.

Think First For Teens

Injury prevention educators give presentations addressing the realities of life-altering injuries and the importance of making safe choices. The powerful presentations are available as assemblies or to health and driver education classes.

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