3/14/19 - 6th Annual Demetrius Ellis, MD Lecture “A Journey of Discovery into the Ontogeny and Renal Regulation of Potassium Homeostasis”

Lisa M. Satlin, MD
Herbert H. Lehman Professor and System Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Pediatrician-in-Chief, Kravis Children's Hospital 

Brief Summary of Lecture:Adults maintain a state of zero potassium balance, with dietary intake matched by output, predominantly by the kidney. Urinary potassium excretion is accomplished by two major potassium secretory channels in the distal nephron, one constitutively active and the other activated by hydrodynamic forces associated with increase in urinary flow rate. The appearance of these channels during postnatal life is precisely regulated to allow the kidney of growing subjects to retain potassium, a major intracellular cation. In this presentation, Dr. Satlin will provide an overview of emerging knowledge about the identity and regulation of these channels.

Date & Time: Thursday, March 14, 8-9 a.m.

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  • John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center

    UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
    4401 Penn Avenue
    Floor 3 Conference Center
    Pittsburgh, PA 15224