Our Emergency Department

Emergency Department OverviewChildren’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s state-of-the-art Emergency Department serves over 75,000 patients each year. The department is staffed primarily by pediatric residents, supplemented by emergency medicine and family practice residents on regular rotations. Supervision is provided by Pediatric Emergency Medicine faculty, and fellows. Surgeons and subspecialists are readily available for consultation.

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine faculty and fellows are members of the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Our program is closely affiliated with the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, the home base for the University’s emergency medicine residency program. In addition to its educational and research agendas, the center operates an advanced air and ground interhospital transport service and is responsible for medical direction of the city’s prehospital care system.

The Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation Education and Research (WISER), a world renowned simulation center provides high tech, hands-on training resuscitation and life support. PEM Fellows train and teach at WISER as well as in our in-site simulation room in the emergency department, which is affiliated with WISER.

The state-of-the-art Emergency Department includes trauma bays, critical care rooms, surgical procedure rooms, orthopaedic procedure rooms, extended stay / medical examination rooms, medical examination rooms, GYN room, ENT room, isolation room, respiratory care rooms, triage rooms and waiting rooms. A radiology suite, suitable for obtaining plain radiographs, is located within the department. In addition, an urgent care facility (Fast Track) is staffed and run by members of the division. Fast Track is located adjacent to the Emergency Department. Both the Emergency Department and Fast Track have an extensive computerized tracking system as well as access to a medical archive retrieval system and the Internet.