Emergency Fellowship Research Opportunities

Research opportunities is also a component of the Emergency Department Fellowship.During their training, fellows will be required to design, conduct, analyze and interpret data from their individual research projects. They will gain an in-depth understanding of basic epidemiology and biostatistics and will have fulfilled the research requirements to sit for the board examination in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Fellows are expected to generate a research question during their first year of fellowship and begin to conduct background research and design their project. During the second year of fellowship, fellows are expected to submit their proposal to the IRB and begin data collection. The curriculum during the third year of
fellowship is designed to provide the fellow with ample opportunity to complete
their research project, analyze data, and prepare and submit a manuscript for publication.

During each year of fellowship, fellows will meet with the program director to discuss their project and the project’s current status. The fellows meet quarterly with their scholarship oversight committee (SOC) to assist and guide the fellows to successfully complete their project.


By the completion of their training, fellows will be:

  • Competent in basic study design and implementation
  • Proficient in critically reviewing research investigations published in the medical literature related to Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Eligible for subspecialty certifying examination