Career-Focused Education

Residents are invited to consider any of 5 career Pathways and 4 areas of focus as their career goals develop. Throughout the year, our Pathways groups (Primary Care, Subspecialty, Critical Care, Hospitalist, and Exploring) meet monthly during a noon conference Career Development series. Sessions are focused on effective strategies to reach career goals including information and skills development in preparing CVs, applying for fellowships, searching for jobs, interviewing for positions and negotiating terms. In addition, each Pathway has a recommended set of clinical learning experiences that can be individualized to the resident’s goals, with assistance from Pathway Mentors. Pathway Mentors are dedicated faculty who assist residents with focused career preparation.

We offer mentored, individualized training experiences to help residents prepare for their future careers. Residents may choose:

Focus experiences include seminars, individual and group longitudinal projects and elective time. Faculty mentors guide residents to develop individualized training experiences to enhance learning and career preparation.